Serac Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in a diverse community of founders building a different future. We've observed that oftentimes the best outcomes come from people with non-traditional backgrounds who bring a different perspective to solve problems. Serac Ventures was started to back these founders and identify innovative technologies that create long-term value for founders and investors.

How We Invest

We believe that investing at the seed stage provides the greatest opportunity for outsized returns. We back companies building technologies that expand access to capital and financial services and make work faster, more secure, and more productive. We typically write checks between $250K to $750K.

We look for companies with a finished product, revenue, a growing customer base, and a scalable and capital efficient business model. Startups at this stage

have made enough progress to demonstrate viability, but need our help getting to the next major inflection point.

We take a long-term view. As such, we proactively reach out to entrepreneurs, often before they’re raising capital, to position ourselves as hands-on investors in it for the long haul. This helps us determine how to best serve each of our portfolio companies as partners in their journey to scale.

Our Value Add

We do more than just write a check. We emphasize this from day one with every founder that we back. In addition to regularly meeting with our portfolio companies, we also created the Serac Ventures Guild (or Serac Guild) to provide founders with insights and strategic guidance through our team of experts.

Why the name serac?

At high altitudes on many of the tallest mountains in the world, large ice walls and colums can form. These are seracs, and they can collapse without warning. For mountaineers, seracs can be the most difficult obstacles to overcome before reaching the summit.

The world of entrepreneurship is also daunting, and full of its own challenges. We partner with founders to help them overcome the ‘seracs’ they will encounter as they build their businesses.

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