Serac Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in a diverse array of founders building the next generation of companies. In our experience, we've observed that oftentimes the best outcomes come from people with non-traditional backgrounds and from nascent technologies that disrupt societal norms. Serac Ventures was started to back these types of founders and identify innovative technologies that create long-term value for founders and investors.

What We Look For

We’re looking for founders who aim to tackle large markets that are not well-signaled - where the founder and the founding team possess deep domain knowledge of a specific industry that will provide them with insights into the evolution and growth of a particular market that are not apparent to others in the same area. We will consider opportunities across different sectors, but we have an interest in founders building next generation SaaS, fintech, and commerce enablement companies.

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Screening Criteria

How We Invest

We believe that investing at the seed stage provides the greatest opportunity for outsized returns. The companies we work with usually have a finished product, revenue, a growing customer base, and a scalable and capital efficient business model. Companies at this stage have made enough progress to demonstrate viability, but still need our help getting to their next major inflection point.

As such, we proactively reach out to entrepreneurs, often before they’re raising capital, to position ourselves as long-term, hands-on investors. Engaging in this manner helps us determine how to best serve each of our portfolio companies and become partners and advisors along their company-building journey.

Our Value Add

We want to be known as investors that do more than just write a check. We emphasize this from day one with every founder we back. In addition to regularly meeting with our portfolio companies, we also created the Serac Ventures Advisor Network (or Serac Guild) to provide founders with additional insight and expertise. The purpose of the Guild is to help Serac portfolio companies with strategic needs as they grow. On a regular basis (usually quarterly), Serac portfolio companies have the opportunity to make a formal presentation to the Guild to share about their business and highlight areas where they need assistance. The intent is to help founders connect with experienced professionals who can help them navigate roadblocks and accelerate their growth.

We also host VC office hours and create value-add content for our founders.

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Why the name serac?

The firm takes its name from large ice formations that form at high altitudes in many of the tallest mountains in the world. For most adventurers, a serac can be the most difficult obstacle to overcome before reaching the summit. Similarly, we partner with founders to help them overcome the ‘seracs’ they encounter as they grow their companies.